Cancer Counselling

Cancer Counselling

In my previous work with The Gawler Foundation as a therapist and group leader, my role included counselling clients who were newly diagnosed with cancer or re-diagnosed with a secondary cancer or recurrence.

With my background of Occupational Therapy, I continue to work in this area of lifestyle counselling, aiming to reduce stress and empower clients in their knowledge of their healing journey choices. I also lead and teach mindfulness-stillness meditation and relaxation techniques (see Meditation Group information) including the progressive muscular relaxation which many find so helpful for sleep issues.


Also, the use of Guided Imagery within a relaxed state can be enormously beneficial for the person diagnosed with cancer.

Guided Imagery has been shown to:

  • Reduce fear and decrease feelings of helplessness when first diagnosed
  • Reduce depression and instil confidence when one is feeling lost
  • Reduce stress and tension at a time when the body needs it most
  • Enhance immune response function & assist the bodys healing mechanisms
  • Help manage pain
  • Deepen intuitive skills to enable better choices
  • Deepen ones will to live, an important factor in any prognosis


Also in relation to my Hypnosis work… the cancer sufferer can be assisted with…

  • Insomnia
  • Anticipatory Nausea
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Pain Management
  • Clearing past trauma to ease the mind

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